Monday, 7 April 2014

silica gel granular
Silica gel is basically a composition of silicon dioxide in amorphous form. So, it produces small and hard irregular beads or granular which look like crystals. It helps in absorbing moisture or odor. The absorption is possible because of the micro pores present in its structure. It not only absorbs the moisture but its interlocking feature locks them inside which results in change of shape and color of the granular. Moisture is easily absorbed in the granular because it possesses lower vacuum pressure than the surrounding air. Absorption stops when the level of pressure inside the granular as well as outside is equal. Silica gel is available in two types, one is indicating and the other is non-indicating. Under the indicating category comes orange and blue silica gel and white is the non-indicating type. By indicating silica gel it means that the granular changes its color after they fully saturates.

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